Josephson Engineering

Measurement Microphones

Microphones from Josephson Engineering are available for every acoustical measurement purpose. The nickel diaphragm microphones made by Microtech Gefell in Germany are the finest anywhere, and they meet the stringent environmental requirements for IEC/ANSI Type 1 and Type 0 sound level measurement, ANSI S1.15 lab specifications, IEC 61094, and are calibrated traceable to the German national standards lab PTB. We're proud to have maintained stock and support for Gefell instrumentation mics in America for more than fifteen years. A complete range of capsules and accessories is available for work from infrasound through ultrasound, and we offer applications support, systems engineering and calibration in our own lab in California.

The Josephson C550 series is a lower cost alternative providing similar accuracy, over a narrower frequency and sound level range. Complete sets of equipment including preamplifiers, power supplies, cables and other accessories are available so these microphones can be used with any kind of sound measuring equipment. We also provide applications assistance to help users develop the best approach for any acoustical measuring project. For information, prices and availability call us at +1 831-420-0888 or email