Josephson Engineering

Tech Notes from Josephson Engineering provide detailed information on selection, use, and maintenance of microphones. Some are are available online here, others will be available soon.

  • TN5 Optimum Stereo Signal Recording with the Jecklin Disk
  • TN6 Application of Measurement Microphones for tips on making accurate measurements, specifically for speaker performance testing.
  • TN7 Using the C-700
  • TN8 Using Josephson Series 5 Mics with SysID discusses interface and calibration with Bell Labs' SysID software running on Ariel DSP-16+ hardware.
  • TN9 Using Modern Microphones with 'Classic' preamps
  • TN10 Microphone Amplifier Design, or, 'Why does my C715 (or e22S) have such a low output?'
  • TN13 Microphone Cables, Patching and Powering

    Microphone Specifications Based on some talks given at Audio Engineering Society conventions, the late Zenon Schoepe of Resolution Magazine asked for a summary article on microphone specifications. It appeared in the March 2011 issue.

    Legacy Microphones Josephson Engineering has manufactured microphones in California since 1988. One that was made only in a limited edition and no longer available is the C720 20th Anniversary model. It's a different approach to the Series Seven adjust-pattern-in-mixdown idea, you can read the manual here.