Josephson Engineering
Dealers for Josephson Engineering Microphones

Our dealers can give you solid information about our microphones and help you choose the best one for your application.

US Dealers


In Burbank, contact Info at the Vintage King Los Angeles showroom at (213) 984-4000 or visit the show room at 2636 North Ontario St. Vintage King L.A.

In Burbank, contact Sales at Westlake Pro or call (323) 845-1145, or visit the showroom at 1005 W Isabel St. Westlake Pro

In Emeryville, contact Tom at the Advanced Systems Group at (510) 654-8300. Advanced Systems Group

In Pasadena, email Wes Dooley at Wes Dooley Audio.

In San Francisco & Los Angeles, contact Sales at Alt Systems at (818) 504-6800. Cutting Edge Audio Group
In Toluca Lake, email Sales at RSPE Audio Solutions or call (855) 632-1032 for inquiries or to schedule a demo. RSPE
Contact Tik at PMT Audio or call (303) 903-9311, or visit the showroom in Englewood at 3106 West Hampden Avenue. PMT Audio
Contact Craig at Calistro Music or call (203) 891-8918. Calistro Music
Contact Nathan at Atlas Pro Audio or ring him at (866) 235-0953. Atlas Pro Audio
Contact Rick Scott at Parsons Audio in the greater Boston area or call (781) 431-8708. Parsons Audio

Contact Austin Lemieux at Red Beard Pro Audio or call (617) 588-0097. Red Beard Pro Audio
In Troy contact Info at Vintage King or call (248) 591-9276. Vintage King
New York

Email Dan Physics at Alto Music Brooklyn or call him at (347) 223-4057. Demos at the 67 West St #413, Brooklyn location can be booked by appointment. Alto Music Brooklyn
Email Info at Dale Pro Audio in Queens or call (888) 462-7828. Dale Pro Audio
North Carolina
In Durham, e-mail Chuck, at Sound Pure or call them at (888) 528-9703. Sound Pure
In Portland, e-mail Tom, at Tidepool Audio or call him at (503) 963-9019. Tidepool Audio
Contact George, at Studio Logic Sound or call him at (610) 346-8037. Studio Logic Sound
South Carolina

In Orangeburg, contact Warren Dent at ZenPro Audio or call him at (877) 4-ZenPro. ZenPro Audio
In Irmo, contact Shane Selby at Front End Audio or call him at (888) 228-4530 or visit the show room at 130 Hunter Village Drive Suite D. Front End Audio

In Nashville, contact Kevin and James at Vintage King Nashville or call them at (615) 866-5015 or by appointment visit the showroom at 604 Gallatin Avenue, Suite 119. Vintage King
In Nashville, contact Chad Evans at Westlake Pro Nashville or call him at (615) 806-7556 or visit the showroom at 515 E Iris Dr. Westlake Pro
Contact Sonic Circus at (888) 724-4327 or email them. Sonic Circus
In Washington, contact Rich at Lunchbox Audio or call him at (206) 617-9931. Visits to the shop at 2001 Masonry Way in Bellingham are avaliable by appointment only. Lunchbox Audio

International Dealers


Email Sergio & Daniel at Planeta Analogico in Buenos Aires or call them at either (+5411) 4781-7534 or (+5411) 4781-7558.

Planeta Analogico

Contact Mick Wordley at Mixmasters in Adelaide at 08-8278-8506.


Contact Raf Lenssens at Joystick Audio in Drongen, or phone +32 (0) 9 236 37 18.

Joystick Audio
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contact Edin Zubcevic at GRAMOFON in Sarajevo, or phone +387 33 550 480.


In Montreal contact Studio Economik, at (514) 937-2000 or email them.

Studio Economik

For Studio Economik's British Columbia regional office, email Alex or phone him directly at 514-937-2000 ext 214. Studio Economik

Visit Long & McQuade. Contact your nearest location or email them for availability information or to arrange for a demo. Long & McQuade

Contact Jesus Cardoso at Audio Gate International or call + (56) 2938 2432.

Audio Gate International

Contact Vincent De Bast at Joystick Audio or phone +33 (0) 6 6544 2632.

Joystick Audio

Contact info at MWD, the Audio Addict or phone 09 80 79 32 81.

Audio Addict

Email Roland Storch at Adebar Acoustics in Wiesbaden or call him at +49 (0) 6 11 . 30 20 99.

Adebar Acoustics

In Budapest, contact Adam Davidovics at Hit Space or phone +36-1-322-2519.

Hit Space

Speak with Yumir Muljadi at Big Knob Audio Menara Imperium LG35 JL. HR Rasuna Said Kav.1 Jakarta, or by phone at +62-21-8356113.

Big Knob Audio

For your dealer information please send us an e-mail inquiry.

Contact Toshio Sato at M.I.D. - Miyaji Import Division in Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo at 81-3-3255-2888. M.I.D. - Miyaji Import Division

Contact Changsik Lee at Vintage Voltage or phone 070-8845-3106.

Vintage Voltage

Contact Raf Lenssens at Joystick Audio in Drongen Belgium or phone +32 (0) 9 236 37 18.

Joystick Audio

Contact Jesus Cardoso at Audio Gate International or call + (55) 5350 8559.

Audio Gate International
The Netherlands

E-mail Jules Fransen, Joystick Audio's Netherlands support & sales or phone him at +31 (0) 6 1446 7393.

Joystick Audio
New Zealand

E-mail Nigel, at Oceania Pro Audio Sales & Distribution in Auckland or phone him at 09 845 7800.

Oceania Pro Audio

Contact Konrad at Musictoolz or phone +48 22 487 56 89.


Contact Sales at Arda Suppliers or phone (+351) 22 0925 757. Or, visit their showroom at Rua de Pinto Bessa 122 in Porto.

Arda - Audio & Acoustics
South Africa

Contact Akbar "Aki" Khan at Eastern Acoustics Pro Audio or phone 011-2721-7979540.

Eastern Acoustics Pro Audio

Email Nick Litwin at Mastering Mansion Madrid in Madrid, or call him at (+34) 91-183-2030.

Mastering Mansion Madrid

Email Robert Zima at Zima Produktion in Stockholm or call him at 08-6535710.

Zima Produktion

Contact Andreas Michel at Flyline Music AG in Wettswil am Albis or phone +41 (0) 43 466 01 15.


Contact Mahmut at Blue Kite Audio in Istanbul or phone +90-533-582-4908.

Blue Kite Audio

Contact Rick at Moof Acoustics in Taipei or phone 0987029961.

Moof Acoustics
United Kingdom

Contact Sales at KMR Audio, phone them at +44 (0) 208 445 2446, or visit their demo facility at 1375 High Rd, Whetstone, London.

KMR Audio

Contact Sales at Studiocare Professional Audio, phone them at +44 (0) 151 707 4545 or +44 (0) 845 345 8910, or visit their demo facility at Unit 2, 56 Evans Rd, Venture Point Business Park, Speke, Liverpool.

Studiocare Professional Audio

Of course, you're welcome to either email us or call our shop in Santa Cruz, California at 831-420-0888.