Josephson Engineering

Series Seven Microphones

Josephson Series Seven microphones provide expert users with unprecedented flexibility. Our newest microphone, the C705, combines the large single-diaphragm capsule of the C715 but in cardioid only, with the transparent, transformerless circuit of the C716, all in a new hardened-steel housing that allows us to offer a unique value point in studio microphones.


The C725 uses the dual-diaphragm capsule used in the C700 series, with unique dual-mode vacuum-tube/FET hybrid electronics and switchable directional patterns. Download the C725 data sheet.


The C700S allows any number of patterns to be derived for any single-point stereo or surround pickup. Download the C700 data sheet or the entire C700 Users Guide. The C700A has the same capabilities, without the side-facing capsule, for mono pickups in any pattern.


The C715 uses a single large diaphragm with an adjustable rear vent, allowing selection of omni or cardioid. Download the C715 data sheet.

C715 and C716

The C716 uses a version of the dual-diaphragm capsule used in the C700 series, but operated in cardioid only. Download the C716 data sheet.